These uncertain times will continue to require strong leadership from Village and City Managers and Administrators for at least the next 12-18 months, in the shorter term. It will be a tough slog for local government, but leaders know this already. Specifically, what must be contemplated now are lower sales tax revenues, reduced income tax receipts and pressure on the State’s financial capacity – as well as from taxpayers who will likely accept property tax increases easily. These challenges will require new and innovative ways of thinking and leading, to balance service needs and demands with substantially lower revenues.

WRB, LLC has assisted multiple clients in weathering the storm since the pandemic began, to identify and implement solutions which have enabled uninterrupted service delivery in this unique environment. These opportunities include:

  1. Facilitation of strategic planning at the administrative and policy level.
  2. Promotion and structure of regional service partnerships for operating and capital needs.
  3. Core service redesign to efficiently redeploy human/capital assets more efficiently and effectively.
  4. Rightsizing the workforce/blending where needed with specialized contracted services, leveraging those with immediate but recurring needs.
  5. Address the increasing and unprecedented demand placed upon the work force through deferred school re-openings, permitting your career employees to meet both the needs of the job and the family.
  6. Take advantage of predicted low inflationary environment/low cost of borrowing environment to launch capital projects that will lower overall operating costs.
  7. Leverage short-term, outsourced contracted services to address unique needs requiring immediate attention.

Above all, municipal leaders must create, enable and encourage an environment that welcomes creative thinking, with a focus on maintaining optimism and a can-do attitude. This will greatly assist in meeting and exceeding your organization’s service goals in these unprecedented times.